In accordance with the Protection of Personal Data No. 6698 as Grand Hotel ("KVKK") in accordance with Article 10, personal data processing, transferring your personal data processed personal data, the methods and legal of your personal data are the methods and legal due to your personal data. We would like to inform and illuminate with respect to your other rights in 11. We specify that all the personal data you provide with us and all the technical and administrative security measures necessary for the protection of these data.


As the Grand Hotel, the data in charge of the data is in the scope of the purposes described below; We will be able to disclose / disclose to the 3rd people, which can be able to register, record, store, store, record, store, record, and / or be processed in accordance with the rules of law and honesty.


Your personal data is in accordance with the basic principles in KVKK and the basic principles held in the corresponding legislation in order to benefit from the services we offer as the Grand Hotel, KVKK MD. 5/2 are processed depending on the other steps prescribed. Grand Hotel's Personal Data Processing Objectives;

  • To fulfill the commercial activity requirements carried out by our company, and ensure that the services and services offered by the service and services offered by our company.
  • Our Company's related work units are carried out by the relevant business units and the conduct of the work processes and reports,
  • Determination of our company's commercial, operational and business strategies; Determination of the appropriate product, projects and services,
  • Planning and Performing Custom Sales and Marketing Activities (Commercial Electronic Message Confirmation In terms of our current customers; analyzing preference, their likes and needs, opportunities, opportunities and benefits,)
  • Evaluation of demands and complaints,
  • The application of the legal and commercial security of the legal and commercial security of third parties with our company and / or the products and services offered by our dealers, and the resort, use and protection of the rights of legislation arising from legislation and legislation.
  • The supply of our company activities in accordance with company procedures or relevant legislation,
  • Management of work carried out with our business partners in sectors, which are differentiated according to the need, management and management of reference relations,
  • Fulfillment of public institutions and all authorities foreseeable information, reporting, informational obligations,
  • Fulfillment of information and document storage liabilities resulting from legal legislation,
  • Execution of our Finance, Communication, Market Research and Purchase Operations,
  • The management of our legal processes will be processed within the requirements and objectives of the Personal Data Processing Terms of Law No. 6698 for better and reliable service to your part.


Your personal data is different from our company (Grand Hotel's management center, showroom or other physical environments, call center, web, websites, and other public transaction platforms, social media or other public It can be obtained in written, oral, audio or image registration or other physical or electronic environment with other people and organizations where they are negotiated or agreed.)

In line with the above methods, we are processing your personal data we collect based on one or more of the following legal reasons:

  • The presence of your open consent,
  • Considering the provisions of the law and regulation in force in the Republic of Turkey (Debts Law, Commercial Law, Business Law, OHS Regulation, Tax Procedure Law, Consumer Law etc.)
  • Mandatory to protect the life or body integrity of the person or another, when it is not able to explain your consent due to the actual impossibility.
  • You are required for the action of the contract that we have underlined with your company or
  • It is necessary to process your personal data in order to meet our legal obligations,
  • If your personal data is alenized by your partner,
  • Be necessary for the use or protection of our legal or contractual rights as a company,
  • It is necessary for our legitimate benefit of the processing of your personal data provided that you are not damaging your fundamental rights and freedoms.

For detailed information, see "Processing and Protection of Personal Data".


Your personal data in accordance with the rules of law and honesty by our company in accordance with the rules of law and integrity, in accordance with the principles that are required for the purpose, limited and measured in relevant legislation for the purpose they are intended for the purpose, specific, clear and legitimate, for the purpose they are required for the purpose of the purpose. processed.

Your personal data; Our company is domestic and / or abroad to continue their activities and business processes and cooperate with our business partners, shareholder or solution partners and other group companies, to our suppliers, insurance companies, notary, bank and financial institutions, law, accounting, tax etc. Support in similar areas, our consulting firms, lawyer competent public institutions and private persons, personal data processing in domestic and / or abroad storage, archiving, information technologies (server, hosting, software, cloud computing etc.) etc.). Our service providers we receive in their fields may be transferred to the personal data processing conditions specified in Articles 8 and 9 of the Law No. 6698 and above the above-mentioned purposes.


As a personal data owner, we will inform you that you have the following rights in accordance with Article 11 of the Law:

  • Learning that personal data is processed and not
  • If personal data is processed, do not request information on this,
  • Learning that personal data is used to be used and used for their purpose,
  • To know the third parties that personal data is transferred abroad or abroad,
  • Requesting the correction of these, in which personal data is missing or incorrectly processed,
  • Requesting personal data to be deleted or destroyed,
  • If the correction, deleting or destroying personal data, requesting to be reported to third parties that these transactions are transferred to personal data,
  • By analyzing the processed data through exclusively automatic systems, do not object to the emergence of a result against the person itself,
  • Requesting the detrimental damage due to processing personal data in violation of the law.

The Law of Personal Data We Collect and Process The Law No. 6698 is required to be correct and up to date when necessary. Therefore, if any changes occur in your personal data, you can report the current and correct personal information by the following methods.


If requested in writing;

On our website (https: // www. Sakaryagrandhotel.com) shows that you are authorized to apply a wet signed copy of the "KVKK Application Form" with a detectable document in person or 11. A notarized The attorney can deliver by proxy, or through the Notary "Mithatpasa Mah. Adnan Menderes CD. D.no:128, 54100 Adapazari / Sakarya / Turkey "to address".

Electronically in case of request;

By signing the KVKK Application Form with an electronic or mobile signature that is defined in Electronic Signature Law in 5070, we can forward our company to info@sakaryagrandhotel.com e-mail address with registered electronic mail (cap). .

Your requests you forward to our company will be answered in writing or in electronic environment as soon as possible and at the latest at the latest in the nature of your request.

Grand Hotel


Adres: Mithatpaşa Mah. Adnan Menderes Cd. D.No:128, 54100 Adapazarı / SAKARYA / TÜRKİYE

Telefon : +90 264 606 05 40

E-Posta Adresi : info@sakaryagrandhotel.com

Ek : KVKK Başvuru Formu

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