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"Https://" Alan's website ("Web Site"), "Mithatpasa Mah. Adnan Menderes CD., 54100 Adapazari / Sakarya / Turkey " is run by "Grand Hotel". The Grand Hotel is responsible for the establishment and managing the data recording system to determine the processing and means of processing personal data.

Article 3 of the Law, including the collection, storage, transfer of your personal data in connection with your use of your personal data in connection with your use of the Web Site in accordance with your use of the Personal Data No. 6698. Within the scope of the scope [1] and we want to inform you about the procedures and principles of the process in question.

  1. Which purpose of personal data is to be processed:

Personal Data, According to Article 3 of the Law "Definitions", personal data; "ID" refers to all kinds of information on the specific or determinable real person. Within these data, your name, address, your email address or phone number etc. can be information. In addition, information / data that is collected by using cookies and not directly with the identification of your identity, (for example, information about how you use the Website, information as you visit the site), if they are based on the user / visitor, and therefore individualized, stored, collected by individualization and if evaluated can be qualified as personal data.

We are processing the Internet users using the Web site and the personal data of visitors to facilitate the use of the website by means of cookies, website, users and visitors to customize the interests and needs of the visitors. We also enter anonymous and collective statistical data that allows us to understand how users and visitors of the Website users and visitors are used to help us to combine and improve the buildings and contents of the Web site. These data are not information that can make us identify your identity.

  1. Whom personal data can be transferred to whom and to which purpose:

In accordance with Articles 8th and 9 of the Law, the collected personal data will be shared with these authorities at the request of these authorities at the request of the authorized authorized authorized authorities by law to fulfill our legal obligation as the Grand Hotel.

  1. The method and legal of the personal data collection:

Personal data on existing and potential internet users and visitors, by Grand Hotel by the Grand Hotel, to carry out the Grand Hotel's activities, and the legitimate benefit of the Grand Hotel is the presentation of the products and the basic rights and freedoms of data owners. collected based on the legal cause.

  1. Network Server Data Log:

When you log in to the Website, your network browser is set to automatically transfer the following data to our Internet server, and then records the following information / data to the data records.

  • Date of entry,
  • Entry time,
  • The URL of the application website,
  • Files received,
  • The amount of data transmitted,
  • Type and version of browser),
  • OS,
  • IP address,
  • The domain name of your access provider to the Internet.
  1. Cookies

Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive by the Internet page server. In this way, we automatically obtain specific data such as the IP address, the used scanner, the operating system and internet connection on your computer.

This website is Google Inc. (It uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service provided by "Google". Google Analytics uses cookies to help users analyze the site how they use the site. The information generated by cookies (including your IP address) will be forwarded to Google, and will be kept on the servers in the US. Google will use this information to evaluate the way you use the Web site, compile reports on website activity and to provide other services related to website activity and internet use.

Mandatory, functional and analytical cookies used by our site:

  • It is compulsory to use the Internet site interface and its properties as desirable.
  • It allows you to accelerate the activities during the future visits.
  • It helps us to combine the statistical data and to improve content in line with this data, allowing us to understand how the website is used by visitors.
  • Under no circumstances, we do not collect, store and process the data we can define your identity, it does not provide personal data nature.






Such cookies allows you to use the website properly and use all the features that the Web site offers. When you return to a page in the same session, the previous action recall is an example of this. These cookies do not identify your identity. If you do not accept these cookies, you may not benefit from all the features of the Web Site.




Such cookies collect information about how the website is used so that we can improve the Web site. For example, you collect data / information about what pages you have visited, the time and the error messages you have encountered at the website. The data collected by these cookies / information are recorded as anonymous-anonymous. Any information that can determine your identity is not stored.




Such cookies allow us to offer you a more personal experience. These enable us to remember data such as your username and language preferences, you don't have to re-enter this information to your next visit. The information that these cookies are stored is anonymous. If you do not accept such cookies, the performance and functionality of the Web site may be affected and access to some content on the Web site may not be provided.




Such cookies are used to provide content / products that are close to you and your interests. For example, we can use the targeting or advertising cookies to personalize the ads and content offered to you on the website, to limit the same advertisement in the website and measure the effectiveness of our ad campaigns.


  1. Managing Cookie Settings

We recommend accepting the cookies so that you can use the Web Site in the most efficient way. You can also view the Website without cookies. Internet browsers are installed to accept cookies at any time. You can always stop the use of cookies via your browser settings. To find out how to change your cookies, please use your browser's help function. When you stop the use of cookies or change the cookie settings, please note that some functions of our website may not work properly.

  1. The rights of the owner of the data

In accordance with Article 11 of the Law "Rights' Rights"; As the data owner, with other methods of the Protection of the Protection of Protection of Protection, [2] By applying to the Grand Hotel, learning whether your personal data is processed and your personal data is processed, if your personal data is processed, if your personal data is processed, personal data is to be processed and the purpose of the purpose of personal data. If you are used to learn whether your personal data is transferred to third parties of your personal data domestically or abroad, to know the third parties that personal data is transferred to your personal data is missing or incorrectly processed in case of the fact that the process in this scope is to be reported to be reported to the third parties, the law of your personal data, the law of your personal data and the law of this scope. Although the relevant other law is processed in accordance with the provisions of the relevant law, in the event that the reasons that require the processing requires the process of being eliminated, and in this context to third parties that the transaction conducted in this context is transferred to third parties. Asking the lineage, you have the right to demand the elimination of the damage, if you are involved in analyzing the processed data by analyzing the processed data with exclusively automatic systems.

Your requests in your application will be finalized free of charge by Grand Hotel as soon as possible and no later than Thirty Days in accordance with the quality of claim. However, in the Grand Hotel, the process may also be charged in the tariff determined by the Protection Board. [3]

  1. The use of rights, application and communication

Within the scope of the law, you can send your claims for your rights mentioned above to the data responsible for the data that is prepared in relation to the data responsible and send it to the address given to the address given above, and send it to the address given to the address provided by the notar and the other methods specified in the Law.

  1. Link to other internet sites

The website contains links to other internet sites. The managers of these sites are no effect on whether they move to the provisions of data protection. The Grand Hotel Link is not responsible for the contents of the sites (and the content of other sites linked by those sites) and there is no authority to interfere with the contents of the sites it provides connection.

  1. Changes

This cookie policy will be updated in this direction when this direction will be updated in this direction, and the current cookie policy will be available at HTTPS://

  1. Open Consent

Continue to use our website, you agree that we can place cookies to your device. If you do not want to accept identification information about using our website, you must do one of the following:

  1. Change browser information to block all or part of cookies; or
  2. Stop using our website.

[1] According to the "Definitions" of the Code, the "Processing of Personal Data": Obtaining, saving, storing, storing, saving, recorded, automatically or partially automated or partially or partially of any data registration system. All kinds of transactions implemented on data, such as replacing, rearranging, explanation, transfer, acquisition, obtainable, classification or preventing the use.

[2] 10.03.2018 and in accordance with the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to Data Reference No. 30356; Data owners in Article 11 of the Law on Article 11, in writing or registered electronic mail (cap) address, secure electronic signature, mobile signature or data owners previously reported to Grand Hotel and registered in Grand Hotel system It transmits the mailing address to the Grand Hotel by using a software or application developed or implemented to the purpose of the application.

[3] 10.03.2018 and in accordance with the Communiqué on the Procedures and Principles of Application to Data Reference No. 30356; If the data owner's application is to be answered in writing, it will not be charged up to ten pages. 1 Turkish Lira processing fee can be charged for each page on the ten pages. If the answer to the application is given in a recording medium such as a CD, Flash Memory, the wage will be requested by the Grand Hotel cannot exceed the cost of recording media.

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